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Thank you All so much for your support and continuing your practice at home with us! We are now OPEN, but with a limited schedule (See changes below), and we are continuing to Go Live on Facebook during these unprecedented times (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am both in studio and virtual classes). We are working hard to create an complete on-line membership to give more options. Keep Calm and keep practicing. Remember Yoga is a lifestyle! Namasate!

Alexandria Clark, owner

Online Class Membership - Facebook Live and Pre-recorder Classes

Online Class Membership - Facebook Live and Pre-recorder Classes


Yoga Helps you live your life in harmony with both yourself and the world around you.  For years, people have practiced yoga in the form of movements, breathing, and meditation to keep the body healthy, to relax the mind, and to achieve focus in life. Often we live entirely in our heads and the body is left behind. In yoga, the body is a powerful tool used to reach inside and reestablish the connection to the inner strength that is hidden in all of us.


Alignment is the key to an efficient yoga practice. Proper body alignment is about stacking your bones so your muscles and circulation can work effectively.  When your body is in the correct position, you get more benefit from the pose and there is a sense of freedom from within.  The more you practice yoga, the better you'll be able to sense your alignment and make automatic fixes.  You'll start to notice how you feel in the poses and find subtle ways to adjust for you body's unique needs.  Here at TEALL Transformation Yoga we understand that no two bodies are the same. We've created a carefree safe environment for you to learn, grow and transform.  We are here for any questions and/or concerns you may have about yoga and your practice.  Sometimes we need guidance as to what benefits our specific needs.


Yoga is designed to put you in tune with your physical, mental, and spiritual states of being. It's easy to get so in tuned with alignment that you lose touch with those senses and don't derive as much benefit from your practice.


Therefore, each practice includes a goal-setting intention, and/or meditation, to stimulate mental focus, clarity, and calmness to break free from stagnant mental patterns.  Through breathing and moving your body, you can acquire balance among your heart, brain, body, and soul.  The body becomes flexible and strong, and your mind becomes more focused and calm, making you happier and more content with yourself.



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*We do our best to stay on schedule, but sometimes it may change.  Like us on     acebook to stay up to date!

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