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Alexandria Clark

Alexandria Clark, or Alex which most people have come know her as, is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor with southern Georgian roots.  Though from Georgia, she was raised here in Virginia Beach and spent most of her childhood at the beach and in competitive sports.  After high school, she soon came to the realization that her body could no longer take the strain and constant impact that competitive sports required. In college, she began to explore different avenues of exercise and was dragged to her first yoga class in 2005. The practice was very different from any other activity she had done in the past. From a vigorous sport background, yoga wasn’t love at first sight. She found it a bit boring and had a hard time slowing down and connecting to it. However, she continued to go to classes and soon found herself to be less stressed, more energetic, and generally happier.  It wasn’t until a severe car accident in 2006 that brought her closer to her practice and pushed her towards teaching.


In 2007, Alex received her 200-hour Yoga Certification at Chesapeake Hot Yoga with Arianna Gallagher.  Since then, Alex has committed to a regular practice of multi-styled yoga and draws inspiration from a variety of lineages, including her gymnastics background. She is also certified in both Tantra Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Alex is the proud owner of TEALL Transformation Yoga where she continues to teach and encourages people to explore the yoga practice.


Alex's classes reflect her own practice and personality.  Her focuses in class are proper alignment, breath, and the adjustment of the thought form. Alex motivates her students, on a physical level, to find the balance between effort and ease where challenge meets victory.  She also encourages her students to find calmness and balance in the mind and to truly understand the switch from thinking to feeling. She wants all her students to leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and motivated to continue practicing.  Expect a twist of sarcastic humor and respectful seriousness in every class.


“Remember to take your practice serious, but be sure not to take yourself too serious or you won't be able to enjoy it.

Smile. It's just Yoga.”

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