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Slow flow & Rest
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Find the Class that is Right for You...

Yoga is a great for anyone whether you are brand new to yoga or have put in many hours to master your scorpion.  The yoga practice has been shown to alleviate some health problems, creating a healthier and happier you!


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Slow flow & rest -- Yoga for Beginners

Great for beginners!


This class is a blend of gentle vinyasa and restorative yoga and is all about self-care. In these particular classes there’s a break down on structural alignment of postures to feel the burn and allow your body and mind to adjust to the pose. Through the gentle vinyasa portion of the class students will connect to their bodies through movement and breath, focusing on listening to the body and giving it what it needs. Transitioning into the restorative yoga portion students will allow the body to rest, supported by blankets, blocks, and bolsters.  Providing the body with physical support helps the body and mind to come into a state of relaxation. Students will practice deliberate stillness and conscious rest. As the body rests, muscle tension begins to unravel, stress begins to melt away, the mind begins to quiet aiding in the natural healing process of our systems. We all start some place, so come with an open mind as we work together in designing a practice to fit your needs.


Align & Explore -- Heated practice

Intermediate, Beginner friendly

This class provides a combination of healthy alignment and the freedom to play within familiar and new poses. From beginners to seasoned practitioners, this class hopes to broaden the range of capabilities of each person through the instruction of alignment and breath.  This physical practice of is offered with some yoga philosophy, music, and perhaps some humor. These classes are heated to 80 degrees to allow students to warm up quicker, and give them the ability to move deeper within the physical postures.


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Yin -- Relaxing, stress relief

Open to all levels.


Find power in stillness and detach from your daily stress and worries. The yin practice of passive poses are held 3-5 minutes at a time, and are designed to release the connected tissue. Sometimes your asana practice may seem more focused on achievement and attainment than on gaining inner harmony and peace. The Yin practice incorporates complimentary aspects of toning and flexibility. Many postures are seated, but focus on the whole physical and emotional body. In this class you will be asked to engage with very little muscular effort. The art of holding poses for several minutes is a great way to tap into the depths of your strength. This gives you the time to experience both the mind and body’s reaction to each posture. Holding postures also allows you to explore ways to achieve greater harmony in your body and feel more at ease when you sit for meditation. This class has music and may include meditation, specific breath work, and/or nidras.


Breath & flow


Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga, it is sometimes confused with “power yoga“.

The first part of this practice will be warm flowing vinyasa, (breath linked movement).  Perfect for the beginner who wants to safely learn how to move through a yoga flow class, and equally advanced for the experienced yogi who wants to move through flows (vinyasa) with focus and intention being reminded of safe alignment and focused breath.


As breathing exercises (pranayama) are incorporated throughout the practice, the second half of this practice promotes transitions through postures, constantly moving, releasing stress and leaving the student feeling rested and rejuvenated at the end of each class.

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Advancing Asana


Advanced, Active. Strength building -- Yoga conditioning 

Workshop-style classes that combine sulpting, strong breath work, quick pace sequences, and detailed alignment for exploring fun poses and transitions -- Think conditioning, but for your yoga practice.


Every Sunday we build up from the basics into more challenging balances, bends, folds, openings, twists and inversions. The vinyasa structure of these classes are all sequences practiced before, just kicked up a notch (known as HIIT – high intense interval training) to increase the cardiovascular system.  The strong yoga asana holds in between the flows, are known as your resting time – build on that cardiovascular burn and create muscle endurance and deeper core strength. Using body weight, weights and/or resistance bands sculpts and tones the body -- allowing students to have more strength and mental clarity in there everyday yoga practice. You will leave feeling cleansed and rejuvenated.  Come learn, play, and maybe break a sweat in a supportive environment. All bodies welcomed.

Breath & Flow
Advancing Asana
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