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Yoga Immersion 

Yoga Session

Learning Yoga

An overview of the Origins of Yoga

History & Ethics

Readings, Texts, & teachings

The Yoga Sutras

The Yoga body & energy centers

Modern styles of Yoga

Pillars of Yogic balance

Winter/Spring Yoga Immersion Continued...

Yoga Class Participants
Practicing Yoga
Laughing Yoga

 We start the Year off right! 

Immerse yourself into the Yoga lifestyle.

We, as a community, will inspire, create and follow a way of

Healthy living!

Living a healthier life might seem like a tall order--the nutrition, the exercise, the inner happiness! But having some friendly faces sharing their stories and experiences will inspire you on your journey to wellness.



Hanumanasana: The monkey god & the story behind the splits,

Root Chakra


Yoga Class


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