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Bad Days have Silver Linings

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

In the top 10 best advice I ever got…”Nobody cares! There’s about 7 plus billion people in the world who don’t give a #Sh@T! about your problem.”

When it comes to you having a “bad day”, there are two ways you can look at it; at the end of the day, the person you are bitching and moaning to about your problems, the chances are they will leave that conversation forgetting your crap because they have their own crap to deal with. Nobody cares!

Or option B

I was chatting with a friend on this matter, or complaining is actually more the case, but I started taking into account how much negative energy I was down loading onto her.

In the middle of my bantering, I realized… "Ya know, I am being selfish, inconsiderate, and a bad friend she has her own stuff to deal with and that she probably really didn’t give of a damn." Sure she is a friend and generally cares about my well-being.

Turns out she really did have some heavy stuff she was dealing with, and here I am just gripping moaning about stuff that really isn’t that bad or that important. I apologized for my behavior, and then She told me,

"Everyone has bad days, and everyone’s problems are measured the same. Those problems are important and equally justified because they are affecting YOU in some way. They are still problems. They are still keeping you from achieving your goals. But most importantly, they are distracting you from helping and serving others. Don’t ever think that your problems, no matter the magnitude, don’t matter. People care to a point because they love you, but, in the end it is true they are your problems to deal with. It’s how we deal with those problems and complications that matters. And how we learn from them."

#behappy #baddays

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