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Be Mentally Strong

Things Mentally Strong people focus on to achieve success.

  1. Move on--Don't dwell, Forgive, and Let it go

  2. Keep control--Keep the ball in your court for vital decisions

  3. Embrace change--you won't get out alive if you don't

  4. Stay happy--It's more important than anything else. You can't expect to helps other when you are not happy yourself.

  5. Be kind--Because, why not?

  6. Be willing to take calculated risks--Risks

  7. Invest energy in the present--the past cripples and depress us. Living too far in the future causes anxiety.

  8. Acceptable responsibility for their past behavior--Be responsible for the energy you bring into other people's space

  9. Celebrate other people's success--Don't waste your time on Jealousy. Sometimes you are ahead. Sometimes your are not.

  10. Willing to fail--Because if you haven't failed, you never tried

  11. Enjoy time alone--You must be able to stand alone

  12. Prepared to work and succeed on their your merits--No one else is going to do the work. You have to

  13. Don't expect immediate results--Great things take time

  14. Evaluate core beliefs--Don't invest in something that you don't truly believe in

  15. Expend mentally energy wisely--what and who is worthy of your energy?

  16. Think productively

  17. Tolerate discomfort--It's how we evolve

  18. Reflect on their progress--Take time to see the progress you have made

  19. Make lists to check of--this helps to organize your thoughts so you won't be so over whelmed

  20. Take time out for gratitude--Don't be a jerk. Reflect on all the things to be grateful for

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