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Become Your Own Guru

Prevent post-summer blues and feel better naturally as the nights draw in.

Autumn can be a time when our mood takes a dip along with the temperatures.

Let us discuss some ways to reduce stress, sleep well and avoid common aliments associated with cooler months. Get ready to cozy up and be kind to yourself!

Become your own guru--

Does the shift from summer to autumn leave you feeling unsettled? And how can we decode our body’s messages?

It time to follow the direction of your ultimate teacher: your authentic being. This being, your true self, has an eternal soul with rich life experience and profound wisdom to share. My advice is to get to know your true self, because you will always be with you—positive and negative traits combined. Keep in mind you, and only you alone, have control over creating and recreating yourself. If you find aspects of yourself that you do not like, you can change them with some time and attention. Our best learning comes from not hearing or reading about it, but from living it. Life experiences is where it’s at!

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