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Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! Why?

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

Meditate Your Way!

The next person to tell me to sit still and try taking deep breaths to help get my stress under control, I’m going to whip them with a car antenna!

"I am a yoga teacher. I do yoga. I drink green tea. I burn candles. I rant and chant about peace and compassion and I still want to smack someone!"

"Sometimes sitting still and Om-ing Kumbaya doesn’t cut it. So I say Meditate Your Way!"

Sometimes you just need to run it out. Run hard and fast. Get yourself physically distracted to cut down on the mental chatter and chaos, OR...

  • Lay flat on your back sprawled out in the middle of your living room floor, for no obvious reason, and just close your eyes. Give yourself 20 or 30 minutes of just being. Don’t be comfortable. Find comfort in uncomfortably.

  • Sometimes you just need to punch something, (preferably a punching bag). Punching people is frowned upon.

  • Sometime just taking a hot Epson salt bath is meditative.

  • Washing dishes. The feel of the hot water. The smell of the soap. The repetitive movement is meditative.

  • There are days in your vinyasa practice where you actually need that stillness. So maybe just sit then and there in the middle of the practice find that stillness.

I often found that I have anxiety in my practice and just need to sit and be still while everyone else around me is moving and breathing. Whatever calls to you at that time, just do it.

But do not force anything. When you force it, that’s when the crap storm gets spun up and tosses you right on your booty.

When you start to mediate your way, great things happen. Do I believe that we should practice being still and releasing the mind? YES! Absolutely. Trying new things and breaking our habits is how we evolve and create an inner strength, mind, body, and soul. Try every avenue you can to find some inner peace. Instead of saying, “once everything falls into place, then I will find peace”, say “I will find peace, then everything falls into place”.

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