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Naming Teas

Teas of the world are classified in a number of ways.

ONE is by the size and shape of the processed leaf. ANOTHER is by the way it is processed. Teas leaves are grouped by hand. Traditional manufacturing yields a large leaf with smaller broken pieces, or grades. The leaves are spread over mats according to whether they are whole or broken, as well as according to their size. The LEAVES are named according to their length: "dust" is less than 0.04 inch (1 mm) in length, and "fanning" is less than 0.06 (1.5 mm).

Another way of classifying a tea is by the country or district where it is grown, such as China, India, Ceylon, or Japan.

Different teas work best at different times, depending on what you are doing and your state of health. in Asia, each tea is drunk for its own specific effect and taste. Black tea has a significant amount of caffeine, is warming, and acts as a digestive, while green tea is cooling and cleansing, with low amounts of caffeine. Black tea is often drunk in the morning of when you need a boost, but because green tea helps to reduce cholesterol by lowering blood lipids, it is best drunk with meals or with a sweet between meals.






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