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Shit just got real

2017 didn’t turn out at all like I thought.

Not that I’m saying it was a bad year.

It was a year of complete and utter realizations about myself and things I want and need in life.

2017 was just exhausting and i don't know about you, but this past year has left me feeling like I need a complete overhaul in my life. I am tired of settling and being unmotivated. I am tired of how my body is working and responding. I am tired of how tired and dull my mind and spirit feel. Everything feels rushed and underappreciated and when I speak of yoga as a life style choice, this is what I am talking about. Yoga is more then what most people associated it with. Our yoga teaches us to slow down and not hurry or rush things for we will miss life as we know it. To stop and literally smell the roses, take in the sights, taste the lemons, make the lemonade, and feel the attitude in the winds.

It was John Lennon who said, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

I challenge you to start slowly, but with steadiness in the heart to move in the new year with fresh eyes and a rejuvenated sense of well-being to have what you want and to meet your desires.

If you desire a better job or position, a better body, or to feel strong and healthy, then make the necessary adjust towards that change. Declutter your space, therefore declutter your person, therefore the thoughts and words are no longer a cluster fuck of an entanglement of crap. Cheers to a fantastic transformational 2018.

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