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Teas for the Soul

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

I have always LOVED tea due to its subtly refreshing energy boosts and ability to assist with minor health fixes. [Especially being someone who does not react well to the caffeine stimulation from coffee].

The benefits of tea can be plenty depending on what you are looking for. Whether you are seeking to wake up refreshed for your day, to ease tension and anxiety, to detox the body, or to wind down for the night, I have found many healthful blends no matter the occasion! Check out some of my all time favorites!


  • Yogi Tea: Positive Energy - lightens and uplifts the mood

  • Yogi Tea: Green & Blueberry - maintains weight and boosts energy

  • Yogi Tea: Lemon Ginger - aids in digestion and immune support

  • Yogi Tea: Honey Lavendar Stress Relief - Eases feelings of nervousness and stress

  • Skin Detox - Assists with skin flare ups by cleansing from the inside out

  • Celestial: Tension Tamer

  • Celestial: Sleepy Time

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