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What is balance?

I believe there is a balance in everything we do.

With that being said, I believe Yoga is about finding balance.

And like many have said before, Yoga is a lifestyle.

Yoga is something you must do to understand.

Finding a life balance means having to take the bad with the good. You can’t have one without the other. If there was no dark, we wouldn’t have light. And we must remember that we are created in the dark and then born into the light. We can’t have everything be easy. Something just have to be hard. Can’t have hot without cold. Soft without rough. Give yourself some time and think of the many balances you experience throughout your day.

As we speak of balance in our Crap-tastic lives—remember every bad has a good to follow. If we can laugh at ourselves and not take things so seriously, or not dwell on the bad and negative things that have happened (and will probably continue to

happen throughout our lives, because again…

balance), you will be able to focus on the fun and wonderful things unfolding before you.

Don’t curse the darkness. Instead light a candle. If you like the cold…embrace it while it last. If you don’t like to be cold…then be grateful we have indoor plumbing and hot water.

And don’t be lazy! When you have to really work for something, there are bigger rewards with the scars to go with your story.

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