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Winter Skin Rescue!

What can help dry skin?

I have psoriasis and the chilly and windy weather sucks the life and moisture out of my skin. What works for me is mixing flax seed oil in my oatmeal or on toast or in a salad. It has a nice nutty flavor and mixes well with peanut butter on toast. Ingesting flax seed oil works to balance the PH moisture levels from the inside out.

I am also an Arbonne representative, and the Arbonne Shea butter body lotion smells wonderful, like sweet almonds, and works fantastic to lock the moisture back into my skin. The beauty about Arbonne is that you know and can pronounce all the ingredients. Arbonne literally means ‘good things from the earth’. Contact me with questions, placing an order, or if you have any interests in hosting a spa.

Coconut oil or avocado oil are my other go to. You can blend essential oils with these oils to help with relaxation or to aid in cracky and brittle feeling joints. But mo

st importantly, these oils are great for the skin and the aid in fine lines and wrinkles. Just gently massage onto skin (and body).

I generally use these oils with my Arbonne lotion at night before going to bed. Your pores open up at night, so make sure your skin is clean and the oils will go to work while you sleep. Your skin will feel soft and brand new in the morning!

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